1. What does Lead Securities & Investment Limited do?

Lead Securities & Investment Limited is a stockbroking firm registered with the Nigerian Stock Exchange. We provide corporate and retail service solutions to both local and international investors. We are a subsidiary of Lead Capital Group.


  1. Where are we located?

Our head office is located at 281 Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. However, we also have Representative offices in Abuja and Port Harcourt.


  1. Why do I need LeadTrader?

Equity trading today has become totally digitalized, you virtually can take total control of your portfolio anytime, anywhere. This is why you need LeadTrader; A total technology solution that empowers her clients to totally take control of their portfolio on the web, mobile or tablet.

  1. Are there requirements to use LeadTrader Application or open an account?
  • An Internet Access on your Computer or Mobile Phone.
  • An Active e-mail address
  • Accepted Means of Identification (National ID, Passport, Utility Bill, or drivers licence )
  • An Operational Bank Account (Preferable a current account)
  • Signature Specimen
  • A minimum of N50, 000 initial deposits or share certificate worth N20,000.
  1. How is LeadTrader a unique trading platform?
  • LeadTrader is a unique trading platform because it provides the following and so much more…
    • It’s a secured and safe way to transact with stocks using LeadTrader (High Level SSH Web Security)
    • Gives you total control of your portfolio with backend compliance using real-time compliance checks.
    • Provide in-depth market research information (LeadTrader MarketEgde)
    • Prompt Execution of mandates through NSE FIX and its robust backend application.
    • Direct access to your account.
    • Experienced Support team.



  1. How do I open a stockbroking account?

You can open an account via leadtraderng.com from any part of the world. We currently have clients that are not within the country including clients in the oil and gas sector who work offshore with adequate access to their brokerage accounts as long as they have access to the internet. The minimum account opening documentation required for individual accounts are: one passport photograph, valid utility bill and a valid means of identification (international passport, drivers licence or national ID card).

The minimum account opening documentation required for corporate accounts are: certificate of

incorporation, forms CO2 and CO7, MeMat, passport photograph of the directors, utility bill, board resolution to open account, and signature mandate.


  1. What happens after opening an account online?

You will get an automated immediate email upon submission of your form, and informing you of pending documentation. We will also notify you when your CSCS account is opened.


  1. Do I need a CSCS account to trade on LeadTrader?

Every client needs to have a valid CSCS account before any successful trade can be carried out, we will open a CSCS account for you and can also help in moving your CSCS account from your old house to Lead Securities & Investment.


  1. Can I open a CSCS account without an in-house account?

No. All trading transactions by investors on the floor of the Exchange are done via your stockbroker.


  1. How do I execute my mandate on LeadTrader?

With LeadTrader you don’t need to send your mandate via email, you can easily input your trade mandate via any of our trade channel and they are executed based on your trade instructions in real-time through our FIX link.


  1. How do I place buy or sell orders?

Sale or Purchase orders can be placed on-line via our web – leadtraderng.com and mobile portal – Leadtrader. For all purchase orders, clients account must be prefunded.


  1. How do I know my trade is executed?

LeadTrader give you multiple mode of notifications listed below

  • Prompt Email Contract Note upon execution
  • Trade booking and expiration notification
  • CSCS SMS Alert on trade notification
  • Allows user to check your portfolio and trade status.


  1. How do I know when my trade has been executed?

You would get a mail alert from LEAD SECURITIES & INVESTMENT LIMITED and also a Trade alert from CSCS upon execution.


  1. How early can I be notified of the details of my transactions?

You can access the web portal or get a trade notification immediately via E-mail once your trade had been executed.

  1. What other transactions can I do with LEAD SECURITIES & INVESTMENT LIMITED?

Apart from purchase and sale of stocks, you can also dematerialize your share certificates, e-bonus, process indemnity, purchase bonds and Treasury bills from both primary and secondary markets e.t.c.


  1. Can I sell my stocks in certificate form?

No, you would need to submit your certificate through your stockbroker for lodgement into the CSCS by the registrars before you can sell.


  1. How do I verify my certificates?

You would need to open a stockbroking account, attach a completed share transfer form to the certificate and give to your stockbroker for onward dispatch to the registrars


  1. I lost my certificates, what do I do?

Notify the registrars who would issue an indemnity form to you for processing and thereafter issue you with a replacement or credit your CSCS account directly depending on your preference.


  1. Can I sell my shares still in certificate form?

No. certificates must be dematerialized and stocks lodged into client’s CSCS account before stocks can be sold. Dematerialization is a process of verifying and converting physical certificates electronically and lodging the stocks in the clients CSCS account.


  1. I have an account with LEAD SECURITIES & INVESTMENT LIMITED. How do I make deposits / withdrawals?

LeadTrader allows you to make payment using your ATM cards through our online payment module either by making transfer online or walk into any bank to make deposit into Lead Securities & Investment Limited Guaranty Trust Bank A/C: 0004278536 while to make a withdrawal you can send a mail to our customer service mailbox: customerservice@leadcapitalng.com and transfer will be made into your bank account registered with us.


  1. Can I fund my account with other cheques other than GT Bank?

Yes, however trades will be executed only after we receive value for the cheques.

  1. Can I request for a cheque to be raised for sales proceeds despite my having an account with GT bank rather than a direct transfer?

Yes, you can


  1. Must my account be funded before placing a buy order?

We require that customers fund their account before placing a buy order.


  1. Do you accept web transfers from other banks in place of cash?

Yes, we do


  1. Will my account officer manage my orders?

With LeadTrader you are in total control of your account and orders, our account officer will guide and also help you resolve any issue that may arise.


  1. Will I have an account officer attached to my account?

Yes, your account will be managed by a designated account officer.



  1. Brokerage Commission for ranges of Transaction value

Channel of Transaction (NGN)

Brokerage Commission

E-mail Mandate




Leadtrader Pro



All monetary values are quoted in Nigeria Naira


  1. What are the commission and charges on trades executed on the NSE?







Platform dependent


Platform dependent


























1.03%+ BC




  1. If I sell my stocks, how do I get the proceeds?

You can send a mail to our customer service mailbox: customerservice@leadcapitalng.com. For ease of transaction and immediate access to cash, we advise you use your regular account so sales proceeds can be credited directly.


  1. How do I monitor my stocks and know my account balance?

You can monitor your stocks and access your stockbroking account by logging on to leadtraderng.com using your given login details request through the customer service mailbox: customerservice@leadcapitalng.com.



  1. I am currently not in Nigeria can I open a LeadTrader account?

Yes, you can open an account via leadtraderng.com from any part of the world. We currently have clients that are not within the country including clients in the oil and gas sector who work offshore and have adequate access to their brokerage accounts as long as they have access to the internet.


  1. How can I transfer my account from my present Stock broker to Lead Securities and Investment Limited?

CSCS has totally simplified this process by allowing you transfer your account from one stock broking house to another. This has been made very easy by CSCS, and this happens at no cost. Please send an email to customerservice@leadcapitalng.com for more information on this.


  1. How can I request for my fund?

You can request for your fund through our email channel or online application, and we will process your payment as soon as we complete our compliance check on your request.


  1. How do I generate my statement online?
    To generate your statement online, simply follow the steps below:

Visit our portal www.leadtraderng.com and click on the top right of the screen to login to your account, Another window will appear advising you to login with your USER ID and PASSWORD which will take you to your account summary page. Click on the link “PORTFOLIO” on the Account Summary page to see all portfolio statement.


  1. What should I do if I notice inconsistency in my portfolio online and that of CSCS?
    If you notice any inconsistency in your online portfolio and that of CSCS, please send us an email using your registered email address via customerservice@leadcapitalng.com and your online portfolio will be reconciled to reflect your current status at CSCS.


  1. How do I reset my password?
    You can send an email to customerservice@leadcapitalng.com. We will reset your password and advice you of your new login details


  1. How can I get a margin facility?

Inform us and we will provide all the necessary support needed to get the facility. However, it should be noted that certain criteria need to be met before you can qualify for the facility; this is necessary in order to protect you and us against unexpected market movement.


  1. How do I get information and advice about the stock market?

our clients have access to our highly acclaimed research reports and stock select that help guide investment decisions. With our LeadTrader application you will have full access to in-depth real time information about the stock market. The mobile app also give update on happenings in the stock market when you are logged on.  Our Research team publishes routine reports which can be accessed from our portal Leadtrader MarketEdge. Also available on our website are the daily pricelist and other valuable information to enable client make wise investment decisions.


  1. What is the process and duration of trading on the NSE?

Trading commences between 9.30 am & 2.30 pm. From 9.30 am to about 10.15am the market is at the pre-open stage and trades can be keyed in by brokers but no trades will be executed until the market opens for trading. The equity and bond market is open for continuous trading from 10.15 am and closes at 12.30 pm. The Nigerian Stock Exchange uses the Automated Trading System and orders are matched electronically. The NSE needs to be notified about volumes trades to be executed on the floor and this is handled by the stockbroker (LEAD SECURITIES & INVESTMENT LIMITED).


  1. How are trades settled on the NSE?

Trades executed on the NSE settles on T + 3. For clients with LEAD SECURITIES & INVESTMENT LIMITED Stock broking accounts, trades settle directly into LEAD SECURITIES & INVESTMENT LIMITED’s books and thus they must ensure that their accounts are funded on or before settlement date. For clients that maintain local custody accounts, they must send settlement instructions to their local custodian while LEAD SECURITIES & INVESTMENT LIMITED will also send the contract notes/trade confirms to the local custodian. If both confirms match, the custodian will settle the trade on settlement date. But if there are any discrepancies, the custodian will contact the client and the stockbroker to get the necessary information required for the trade to settle. For clients that maintain stock broking account with LEAD SECURITIES & INVESTMENT LIMITED, they will be inflow of funds directly to LEAD SECURITIES & INVESTMENT LIMITED for settlement of their trades. The account details will be provided by LEAD SECURITIES & INVESTMENT LIMITED.


Once the funds are transferred to LEAD SECURITIES & INVESTMENT LIMITED, LEAD SECURITIES & INVESTMENT LIMITED will process on behalf of the client a Certificate of Capital Importation (CCI) which will be issued by the bank that received the funds. The CCI is issued by the receiving bank on behalf of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to ensure that foreign investors (direct/indirect) in Nigerian companies have proof of their investment in Nigeria.


Where a certificate of capital importation is obtained on a foreign investment, dividends and the proceeds from the sale of an investment can be repatriated using the official CBN exchange rate. It is important for a CCI to be issued when funds are in flowed as this will prevent difficulties when repatriating investment proceeds. Inability to access foreign exchange at official CBN rates (which is more favorable for investors), delay in transferring funds and increased exposure to foreign exchange fluctuations due to these delays are some of the issues that will be encountered if a CCI is not issued.


  1. How are CCIs issued?

 The Certificate of Capital Importation (CCI) must be processed within 24 hours after the funds have been received by the Bank, thus it is imperative that all the documents needed are provided to LEAD SECURITIES & INVESTMENT LIMITEDS before the funds are received. Delay in receiving the documents may affect processing of the CCI.

The documents required for individuals are:

  • Letter from the customer addressed to the receiving party (Lead Securities & Investment Limited)
  • informing them of the transfer of funds and requesting for a C.C.I. It should also include the amount and purpose of transfer.
  • Copy of international passport.

The documents required for companies are:

  • Swift copy of the transfer instruction (Provided by the Bank)
  • Certificate of Incorporation of the company.
  • Board Resolution of the company authorizing the transfer of funds, stating the amount and purpose of transferring the funds.


  1. How are funds repatriated?

Funds can be transferred back to your offshore account easily using the CCI issued to you when the funds were initially transferred to Nigeria for investment. The CCI will be accompanied with other documents including a Form A, account details of the client, evidence of purchase/sale of the stocks and other documents that may be required to show proof of investment. The exchange rate will be provided by the bank and communicated to you for concurrence before we proceed with the transfer of funds. The entire process will be handled by LEAD SECURITIES & INVESTMENT LIMITED and we will give you updates on the process particularly if there are further documents that you may need to provide. With all necessary documentation in place the entire process is usually completed within 48hours.


  1. Are there taxes on Investments?

Capital gains tax is not charged on sales proceeds. For dividends declared and paid by listed companies, a 10% Witholding tax (WHT) is paid and this is deducted at source, thus you receive dividend payments less 10% WHT. Also for interest paid on returned monies during public offers, a 10% WHT is also charged. 


  1. Can I use my shares as collateral for loan?
    Yes, you can. You would be required to write a letter requesting for lien placement, stating the company (bank) you are taking the facility from and the stocks you intend to use as collateral for the loan.


  1. I still have a question and the answer has not been provided in this FAQ, who do I talk to?


Please Contact Lead Securities & Investment Limited head office. You may reach our customer service mailbox: customerservice@leadcapitalng.com or call: +234 – 1- 2715254, 9049317.