About Us


LeadTrader is a product of Lead Securities & Investment Limited (LSI) a securities trading company, registered with SEC and NSE and Founded in 1987.

LSI saw the need to make trading of securities more accessible and convenient to all her clients and users giving them comfort, convenience, transparency and offering a friendly and secure environment which led to the invention of an innovative online platform that makes trading easy Called LeadTrader.

LeadTrader gives you the convenience to:

1. Trade Online. Anywhere, Anytime!
2. Fund your account with your debit or credit card
3. Access live Market Data from the Nigerian Stock Exchange

LeadTrader also has a robust compliance system. NSE and SEC rules embedded in LeadTrader compliance check In terms of security, LeadTrader possesses a double security feature which requires your Password and memorable word while accessing the portal.

LeadTrader also helps you view your Current Holdings displaying current positions and cash balances. With LeadTrader, you have access to view an Historical order of all your stocks, you also have the ability to inject funds into account enabling instant trading Viewing the NSE Market Data on LeadTrader cannot be overemphasized.
LeadTrader displays the latest market data enabling accurate order instruction.

LeadTrader also has a list of Front Office Operational features:

1. Full compliance and transaction history as well as historical reporting is available in LeadTrader.
2. Real-Time market data from the NSE showing real-time prices for all stocks.
3. LeadTrader is a multi-asset platform designed to accommodate future requirements from the NSE.
4. Local expertise and customization is embedded in the solution – SEC and NSE rules library and commission charges