1. What is Lead Fixed Income Fund?
    The Lead Fixed Income Fund (“the Fund) is an Open-Ended Mutual Fund registered in Nigeria and authorized by the Securities and Exchange Commission as a Unit Trust Scheme. The Fund seeks to provide steady income flow, capital preservation and liquidity for investors. It will invest in quality assets such as Treasury Bills, Government (Federal and State), Corporate and Euro bonds with investment grade rating, Commercial papers and other quality money market instruments.


  1. How does the Fund work?
    The Fund is formed by pooling funds of several individual and corporate investors which gives the Fund greater “bargaining power” to obtain higher levels of interest rates when investing. The Fund aims to maximize interest income by investing all the Fund’s assets in selected fixed income securities.


  1. Is there a guaranteed Rate of Return on an investment in the Lead Fixed Income
    The return on the Fund is dependent on market trends and interest rates obtainable in the Nigerian Financial Market. As the Fund Manager has no influence over changes in interest rate, it is therefore impossible to guarantee any particular rate of return on the investment.


  1. What are the advantages of investing in the Lead Fixed Income Fund?
    Liquidity – Investors are able to easily redeem or subscribe to units of the fund at any time, subject to procedures stated in the trust deed.

Diversification – By investing in varied assets, the Fund provides investors with the benefit of instant diversification.
          Professional Management –The Fund Manager will be responsible for handling the cumbersome day-today                                                                                    administrative functions associated with investing.
          Low cost – Investing in the Fund is an efficient way of gaining a diversified market exposure at low costs.
          Performance Monitoring: The value of Fund is reported daily on the Manager’s website, allowing you to                               continually monitor the performance of your investment.

  1. How do I subscribe to the Lead Fixed Income Fund?
    By downloading a subscription form from our website leadassetmanagementng.com and complete as instructed. Completed subscription forms should be returned with a bank draft or cheque drawn in favour of Lead Fixed Income Fund. The downloaded and duly completed Form should be sent to our office address as indicated on the Form. Payment for Units of the Fund can also be made via a wire transfer made in accordance with instructions on the Form.


  1. Does the Lead Fixed Income Fund pay dividends?
    The Fund Manager, Lead Asset Management Limited intends to distribute the Fund’s income on a quarterly basis and unit holders may decide to have their distributions automatically reinvested in additional units of the Fund at the offer price on the day of reinvestment or alternatively, elect to have their distributions paid via electronic transfer to the unit holder’s bank account.


  1. What is the procedure for redemptions?
    Unit-holders can redeem their units in the Fund after the 90-day holding period by downloading and completing the Redemption form in accordance with instructions stated on the form. The completed from should be submitted along with proof of ownership of the units of the Fund (Statement of Unitholding) to the Fund Manager. Once certified, the redemption request will be processed within five (5) Business days. Minimum permissible holding after partial redemption is ₦ 10,000 or such balance as advised by the Manager from time to time.


  1. How do I monitor my investment in the Fund?
    Unitholders can visit the Fund Manager’s website www.leadassetmanagementng.com) to monitor end-of-day market prices of the Fund and may also request for a statement of account which shall present the status of their investment at a given time.


  1. Can I withdraw my funds any time?
    Yes, you can withdraw your funds at any time. However, withdrawals before the expiration of the minimum holding period (90) calendar days, will attract a 10% fee charge on the income accrued on the redeemable amount.


  1. What is the minimum initial amount that can be invested in the Lead Fixed Income Fund?
    The minimum amount that can be invested is ₦50,000.


  1. How much would a unit of the Lead Fixed Income Fund cost?
    The offer and bid prices will be computed at the close of each Business day by the Fund Manager and displayed on our website.


  1. What is the procedure for Foreign Investors to invest?
    As a Foreign Investor, you can invest in the Fund by forwarding duly executed subscription forms accompanied by the transfer of the requisite amount net of all transfer charges. The Foreign currency subscriptions shall be processed at the ruling exchange rate advised by the Fund Manager. The Receiving Banks shall issue a Certificate of Capital Importation (“CCI”) to foreign currency investors upon
    confirmation of the subscription amount. The CCI should be kept by the foreign currency subscribers as it will be required for a subsequent repatriation in a freely convertible currency of proceeds from redemption of Units or from any distribution of the Fund’s income that the Fund Manager may undertake.


  1. Can I invest for my children and my investment club?
    Yes, it is possible to invest for minors, clubs and groups.


  1. What do I get as evidence for my investment?
    Unit holders will be issued an electronic Statement of Unitholding, which represents the proof of their ownership of the units of the Fund purchased. This Statement will be forwarded to the e-mail address provided on the completed subscription form. For joint holders, they shall be entitled to one Statement in respect of units jointly held by them and shall be delivered to the joint holder designated to receive the Statement on the behalf of the other joint holders.


  1. Can I transfer my units to another party?
    Yes, units of the Lead Fixed Income Fund can be transferred to a third party at the instruction of the existing unit holder with the consent of the Trustees.


  1. What is the closing date for the Lead Fixed Income Fund?
    There is no closing date for the Fund as it is open-ended.


Please Contact Lead Asset Management Limited head office. You may reach our customer service mailbox: assetmanagement@leadcapitalng.com or call: +234 – 1- 2715254, 9049317.