The Lead Fixed Income Fund (“the Fund) is an Open-Ended Mutual Fund registered in Nigeria and authorized by the Securities and Exchange Commission as a Unit Trust Scheme. The Fund seeks to provide steady income flow, capital preservation and liquidity for investors. It will invest in quality assets such as Treasury Bills, Government (Federal and State), Corporate with investment grade rating, Commercial papers and other quality money market instruments. The Fund is suitable for all classes of investors who seek capital preservation, regular income flow and ease of liquidity. With a minimum investment amount of a N50,000 and subsequent multiples of N5,000, investors can participate in the Fund.


  • Diversified Portfolio: the fund provides the investors with an investment opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio by helping to maintain some balance in their portfolio, return volatility and impact from other risk asset.
  • Professional Management: the fund is managed by team of highly experience portfolio managers, who have in-depth knowledge of the investment environment, and are committed to effective administration of the fund. The investment committee is set up to provide necessary guidance on the administration of the fund and oversea investment selection process, support by a robust research.
  • Capital Preservation: the fund is structured to provide investors with a regular flow, at a minimal risk.
  • Regular Income Stream (distribution to Unit holders semi-annually): dividend is distributed bi- annually after the close of register.
  • Liquidity (in terms of ease of entry and exit): investors can easily redeem and subscribe for additional units of the fund at any given period, in accordance with the provisions in the fund.

    Asset Allocation Table

    Asset Class New Lower Limit New Upper Limit
    Treasury Bill 10% 80%
    Bonds 10% 70%
    Commercial Paper 0% 50%
    Cash at Bank 2% 5%